What is Preserved Green

What is Preserved Green

Preserved Green is a collection of 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness without any needs of water or sunlight.
The freshly picked plants and flowers are first checked to remove any pests or harmful insects and when you are sure of the quality of the plant they enter the real preservation process. This is a patented process that allows vegetables to absorb a special blend of biodegradable and 100% plant-based preservatives. The liquid replaces the sap and water inside the plants, giving shape to a real “freeze frame” of nature, creating a unique and 100% natural product. After a set time, the product is placed in a drying cell and then packaged.

Preserved plants and flowers remain beautiful and unchanged for years without watering them, needing light or curing them: they preserve all the real prerogatives such as softness, beauty and color, but they no longer need anything (water, light, earth, etc …) and they keep for a long time.

As a guarantee of all our products there is the choice of partners such as Verdissimo and Polarmoss, the leaders in sector, which ensure stability over time in the conservation of products and their colors.


Preserved Green was initially carried out to preserve roses, which at particular moments of overproduction would have been thrown away given the surplus. Then over time the process was fine-tuned and now many vegetables are treated with this totally natural technique.


This material has enormous potential, because it transforms green into a universal element that is used in the most varied ways within our homes and offices without the limits of real plants. It allows you to furnish your spaces in the best way in an innovative way for floral arrangements, wall coverings, panels, paintings and more, giving free rein to your creativity.

The only trick for these products is to keep them away from strong sources of direct light (halogen lamps, lighthouses, etc.) that would accelerate them in aging, as well as in direct sunlight (they should not be exposed to the outside).

Preserved green is still not widespread, but even more it allows you to create exclusive and customizable designs. Softens the space and creates a natural environment as well as reducing environmental noise.