Lichen Wall: Our Video Tutorial!

Don’t want to read, but want to your DIY (do-it-yourself) panel? We have that’s right for you!
We decided to make two videos to explain step by step how to behave in front of preserved green and create a picture or a wall in preserved lichen. Similar also for other materials but today we’ll focus on lichen.

If you are trying to work with preserved plants for the first time, this tutorial will really help you understand and compare what are you doing and how final result should be.

Going by degrees, we first looked at tools you need to get started, then we told you what Lichen is and its peculiarities. If you like more other types of bulk plants, you can choose between flat musk and ball moss.

Step by step we showed you how to use silicone on the MDF panel, how to apply Lichen and how to finish picture, and then conclude by showing you the final result. We have chosen to dedicate the last few minutes to some variations to give a personalized touch to the panel with some branches or leaves.

At this point all you have to do is begin! You can find all tools and materials in Kits that we have designed for you: there’re all kinds of kits to make all kinds of panel. From the Lichen Kit to the “Growed Tile” DIY kit, passing through the moss ball Kit, until “Nature DIY Tile”.

A dedicated category about DIY, with whole range of choice, can be found here -> DIY

If you are in doubt, you can also consult our article “How to make a painting or a wall in preserved green” where we minutely describe all steps from preparation to wall mounting.

Continue to follow ” Expert’s advice” and you will discover many answers to everyday problems! Meanwhile we are waiting for your questions or curiosity, to give you more help, click here or write in the comments.