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The preserved Salal Branches are twigs with a dense foliage, robust and very resistant. The plant, which is part of the Ericaceae family, is ideal for your floral compositions, paintings or other preserved green objects.


All preserved green is 100% natural and remains so beautiful over the years because it is treated with a substance based on natural glycerin and water that replaces plant sap. All preserved products are perfectly preserved over time and do not require special care, since they do not even need to be watered. Preserved Salal Branches do not need any maintenance.

You can choose between shades, indicating your choice in purchase notes:

  • Green
  • Red

How to use:

They can be combined with the modular preserved flat musk wall or the modular preserved lichen wall or in a composition that you can customize as for the modular preserved green wall.

You can use them for flower arrangements, wall coverings, panels, paintings and more, to give life to your creativity. The preserved green is an innovative type of furniture and still not widespread, it allows to create exclusive and customizable designs. Softens the space and creates a natural environment.

The product is to be used inside your rooms, away from strong sources of direct light (halogen lamps, headlights etc …) which cause it to accelerate in aging.

  • Total height: 50-60 cm
  • Weight: 70 gr
  • Color: Green and Red

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Green, Red


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