Edenaria is a brand of Area C srl, a young Italian company, based in Faenza, Emilia-Romagna, born from an idea by Andrea Cavina in 2016. We are a small and ambitious company, grown quickly thanks to our customers, to which we ship only selected top quality products every day. The wide range of items and speed of delivery best describe our company idea. Edenaria gives life to your ideas thanks to our artisan production laboratory, where we produce green walls, paintings, logos and many other finished products. All the materials we use are natural, collected respecting the environment and guaranteed over time.

Edenaria is born from the desire to spread knowledge of preserved green all over the world and our goal is share with customers the passion for a green world. These materials, so beautiful, natural and versatile, are often the simple and original solution for our spaces and our walls.

Our goal is to satisfy who want a finished panel and who want to try their hand at creating their own vertical garden too. This is why we do not offer only products, but also our experience to guide every customer step by step creating objects and furnishing their own spaces.

Customer Care

Customer Service is our strong point: in addition to telephone consultancy, if you choose Edenaria you will have access to video-tutorials, articles on our blog and photos of our works and those made by our customers to make you imagine what the wall could be like of your home, your office or your restaurant. In addition, thanks to the “Ask the expert” service, you will have the possibility to call us on your mobile or write to us on WhatsApp to get the assistance you need or the right advice you need.